Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 12, 1914 Was Mom's Birth Date

Mom was a wonderful woman who was a nurse when Dad met her.  They got married and mom turn to being a full time house wife.  Mom & Dad raised five wonderful humble children & of course they are all just beautiful.  I am probably the humblest & handsomest?  LOL, not really!  All of the five attended college and are living a very happy lives.  Mom was usually the good guy & dad the bad guy.  I mean mom was not as strict as dad.  Dad was also great if you consider he lived thru the depression and understood how hard life can be.   He always tried to prepare us for the road ahead.  While mom always tried to keep us in step with the life each day.  She kept a perfect house and  attend a lot of social events to keep in touch with our little catholic community.

Christmas 1985

Of course Mom's greatest pleasures were her grandchildren.  Even in last years before she went with Dad to heaven she was so happy to be with her grandchildren.

April 19, 2003

The family loves and misses you mom!  Hope to see you and the rest of our family in the future!