Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Beautiful Thai Family Noom, Jeep & Nam

As you know by now when you marry the girl you get the family. I understand this since I have married 3 times and now have a very large extended family! Thai family's are like most Asian family's very close, loyal and have a very good work ethic. In the United States the Asian community has the highest percentage of college graduates of all peoples in the United States. Family first is the Asian community way and I think the rest of us Americans can learn a very good lesson from this example.

My new Thai family is mostly in Thailand were it is very hard to make a living. We have so much here in America and we have to be the luckiest people on the planet.

Noom, Jeep & Nam (Nang's brother & family).

Nang & I spent most of the time with Noom's family in his remodeled home. When you spend everyday with a family (even though I do not speak the language) you really get to know them very well. I have so much respect for this family and all of the wonderful Thai people I met while I was in Thailand.

Noom is solid as a rock, a great friend!

Jeep is just wonderful and always working with a smile!

Nam is a model daughter, with her perfect school grades and the head of her class. She received a $30.00 gift for her hard work at school. When she got home she gave it to her mom & dad to help with the bills. She works as hard as the mom & dad at school & helping the family at home.

Thail people work hard everyday just to get by. When this family has work to do they do not stop until the work is completed. The return is about 1 dollar an hour on some days but most a little less.

Nang & I took the family to dinner.

A wonderful family!