Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Past Can Be Fun or Education!

The following is as I remember it as told to me by my father “Paul A.”

My grandfather (my father’s side of the family) was a very hard working American Citizen who’s father immigrated from Germany to America.  My grandfather died in 1932 (age 67) of Tuberculosis & was popularly known as consumption for a long time.  Frank J was a very successful Capitalist who practically owned the whole town he lived in.  However on his death bed he had lost most of his wealth with the stock market crash of 1929.  My father told me that the family never told him the bad news about his bank but my father felt Frank J. knew what was going on.  As we all know about dips in the market effects all of us here in this world as we know it.  The only business left was the family store was run by my father’s family for many years after that. 

I never had the opportunity to meet my grandfather however I did meet my grandmother and spent time at her home (on family vacations from Texas) eating her food etc.  I remember her killing the chickens and cooking in the kitchen. 

Below are photos of my grandfather’s glasses and tombstones of grandfather & grandmother.  My dad gave me these however I do not remember but I think it was in the early 1970’s.  I really think this is very interesting how time changes things.  I of course modeled the glasses for your enjoyment.  You see I am almost 67 and that is how old my grandfather lived before his exit from the planet earth.

Russell & Thompson
And Opticians
Jacksonville, Ill.


Case & Glasses

The Model
The photos below are from a family vacation this summer!

Margaret Lived to be 87 years old!
Frank J. lived to be 67 year old!

Dad told me a story about one of his birthday's.  Paul A. had a twin brother Carl A. & on their birthday Frank J. gave each boy a quarter (25 cents).   That was a lot of money in those days.  However the rest of my dad's life was all work and nobody gave him anything for free!