Sunday, September 18, 2011

Honey Get Me One Of Those Canadian Geese!

Honey I am going out in that field and get one for dinner tonight!

What is amazing that these beautiful geese let us take photos as we walked within 200 feet.

The higher power from above (no not the government) shows us each day the majesty of creation.

We see it everyday whether it is beautiful geese or a small grass hopper.

It is a wonderful day in Texas!

U think the geese can read Nang's mind on dinner tonight?

Thank you for this wonderful moment!

Don't worry honey we get one next time!

This is my church and religion served up by the higher power above!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Liz Get's Her Cast Off!

August 24, 2011
Happy day but Liz is a little nervous. However Dad is excited!

Zip Zip let's open it up!

A little nervous relief is on this young one's face!

Raising children is for the young!

Liz's Birthday Party August 18, 2011

Liz is 6 today and this is her day!

If you have a water proof cast on your arm you can do just about anything!

Special thanks to my wonderful wife for all great food to eat.

Jodee brought the cake on a stick & Nang made the pork & chicken on a stick (Thai style) WOW!

Nang's daughter Fohm is just the most wonderful young woman.

Birthday girl gets her cake!

Jennifer little boy Eric is the best grandson in the world!

Eric, Fohm, Abby, Madison & Liz

With the cast on her arm on this day she did flips off the board, swam all over the pool and is just not afraid of anything.

Abby is so beautiful!

You don't have to wonder why I have such a wonderful life, this day is just one example!

Yes this wonderful woman is my boss and I love her so much!