Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kodak DC 3400 A Walk Down Memory Lane

Brenda & I purchased a Kodak DC 3400 On March 19, 2001 at the local Circuit City (Now out of business in our area) for $541.00. This camera has an amazing 2 megapixel photo capability. This was when digital cameras were very new to the world. The camera came with an 8 megabytes CF (Compact Flash) chip & later we purchased a 32 megabytes CF chip which gave us the ability to capture 32 photos before it was full. The earliest photo I have saved was “Dcp_0007.jpg” of my granddaughter & grandson. Brenda & I took over 4,000 photos with this camera. I went to Thailand in 2007 & logged over 400 photos. Just a rough guess I say this camera has taken over 6000 photos to date.

March 19 2001
Eric is 61/2 years old & Abby 3days old

Eric is now 16 years old & the girls love him!

Abby is now 9 years old & just beautiful!

Kodak DC 3400

You had to read the manual to understand the controls on the back of the camera.

Purchased with amazing 8 megabytes CF chip later upgraded to 32 megabytes.

So it is now going to Thailand and with a 2 gigabytes CF chip. This chip causes the camera picture counter on the top to read 1999 photos left. However it can really takes about 2500 photos before this chip would fill up.

In the future our Thai family will be sending us photos from Thailand and I will share with all.

Thailand 2010 Packing etc

We started packing this week. Well you would be amazed how much stuff you take to Thailand and of course not bring back. Just like when you have friends or family visit you from another country you really enjoy a gift from their country. So as we travel to Thailand we already have 2 suit cases that have just gifts. You may ask what is the world are you taking? In these 2 su;it cases are chocolate, camera, cell phone, music, clothes shoes & you name it.

Cell Phone For Nang's Brother "Noom."

Kodak DC3400 Digital Camera for Nang's niece "Nam"
See related story behind this camera!

Cashews, Blood Pressure, Toothpaste, GPS etc.

Tom's Camera Bag.

Chocolate, laptop etc.

Nang Bags Are Packed, Gifts, cream etc. & Nang's Clothes.

More later....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Remember The Turtle Eggs!

In June of this year Nang found a turtle putting her eggs in the ground in the front yard. Well guess what? The other day Nang noticed the hole in the ground where the eggs were laid. Inside was this wonderful little create call a baby turtle.

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This little turtle was the last one of the eggs, all the others flew the coup! So Nang brought in the office for a photo shoot! LOL anyway after the photo shoot we were never to see this baby turtle again. It seems he move out of his old home for new adventures in the big world.

Hey you people why the bright lights?

Hole in the ground photos are very difficult to take!

I promise we are not going to cook this little guy!

Under the magnifying glass!

Not shy just primal instincts!

I guess his/her modeling days are over!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thailand 2010

More to come........................We are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy!!!